Conservation Finance Boot Camp Training Course

This series of multi-day and week-long courses offer in-depth information about innovative land and resource conservation. We cover the latest information on a wide range of innovative funding and financing solutions tools to help participants explore the most relevant strategies for their work and organizational challenges – from borrowing money and finding new sources of revenue to pursuing impact investments and accessing ecosystem-service markets.


Since 2007, the Conservation Finance “Boot Camp” training courses—named for their intensity—have helped to increase the ability of land and resource conservation professionals to apply innovative financing strategies to their work. Past attendees have included U.S. and international conservationists, foundation leaders, land-trust board members, executive directors, private investors, business executives, researchers, and graduate students.

Course sessions feature interactive presentations from national conservation finance experts along with supplementary exercises guided by knowledgeable core faculty. The emphasis of the course is on hands-on tools and lessons from relevant case studies. Attendees have opportunities to consult with peers and experts as they discuss projects and problems from their work. International participants should also note that the course content is based in the U.S. legal code and that we primarily draw upon domestic case studies and examples. 

In addition, boot camp courses convene a peer network of committed conservation professionals working on similar issues across the nation. It is common for long-term professional relationships to grow out of a course.

To date, over 300 people have attended or presented at a course. Alumni have put what they’ve learned into practice—from an organization’s first PRI (program-related investment) to establishing a community forest initiative, developing a crowd-funding tool, or using a loan to bridge-finance an acquisition project.

Upcoming Events

River Valley View
Boot Camp

2019 Conservation Finance Boot Camp

CFN is pleased to announce our 13th annual Conservation Finance Boot Camp will be held June 24-28th, 2019, at Portland State University in Portland, OR. The Boot Camp is a week-long, intensive training course to help mid-career professionals utilize innovative and effective financing strategies for land and resource conservation, restoration, and stewardship.