Alexandra (Ali) Golden

Alexandra (Ali) Golden
B.A., Yale College, 2017

Ali Golden is a senior undergraduate in Yale College. She majors in Environmental Studies and is particularly interested in business solutions for conservation and climate change. She is writing her year-long senior thesis about institutional barriers to climate change adaptation in the National Park Service. Her interest in the park service began when she spent two summers doing trail work and other conservation projects in Yellowstone National Park. Since then, she has broadened her understanding of conservation efforts and development paradigms through volunteering in Costa Rica's Tortuguero National Park and studying abroad last spring semester in Ecuador. This past summer, she interned in the Markets Transformation department at the Rainforest Alliance in New York City, conducting research on agricultural supply chains in Latin America. At Yale, she works in the Sustainability Service Corps at the Office of Sustainability, and she is excited to be writing for the Conservation Finance Network at CBEY. Ali lives in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Authored Articles
Boston Financial District

Investors Weigh in on Integrating Green Bonds

Investors and bond issuers must improve communication in order to meet each other’s needs as the green-bond market expands rapidly. Green bonds have the potential to enhance transparency, mitigate risk, and stimulate the market toward reaching a low-carbon economy. The green-bond market is estimated to total $150 billion in 2017. This is an 85 percent increase above 2016, according to data from Climate Bonds Initiative.
San Francisco Coast Image (Sailboat on Water)

San Francisco’s Certified Bond Paves Way for Green Infrastructure

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission issued the world’s first bond certified to the Water Climate Bond Standard last May. Market demand for third-party certified green bonds seems to be rising – and now, municipalities have a model. The $240-million bond will fund various wastewater and stormwater management projects in the commission’s Sewer System Improvement Program.