Martin Becker

Master of Environmental Management, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, 2017

Martin holds a B.S. in agricultural sciences with a concentration in agricultural business & economics from the Pontific Catholic University of Chile. Before being accepted at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, he worked for 3 years in governmental agencies and non-profit organizations around tourism in National Parks, being directly involved in the implementation of public-private partnerships for protected areas management. Martin wants to follow a Land Management career by creating an organization that becomes the ideal partner for governmental agencies and private landowners, putting in practice ecotourism and conservation agreements that generate environmental and economic benefits at a regional scale.

Authored Articles

Chilean Reforestation Campaign Taps into Marketing Innovation

A group of young Chileans is working with Reforestemos Patagonia to reverse environmental damage. After more than a century of colonization of its wild and remote landscapes, Patagonia shows the scars of land abuses emerging among impressive mountain peaks, spectacular glaciers, and immense rivers and forests.

World’s Largest Land Donation Led by Tompkins Conservation

Over two decades of conservation leadership by North American philanthropists Douglas and Kristine Tompkins have culminated in a major land donation that marks a milestone in the history of global land conservation. The Sept. 23 signing of a donation agreement transferring 375,000 acres from Tompkins Conservation to the Argentine government created Iberá National Park in the northern province of Corrientes.