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What We Could Do With a $5 Carbon Charge on Your Flight

Some of the money raised from aviation offsetting could be plowed into renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. But finance could also be used to protect a lot of ecosystem carbon.
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How Conservation Investment Could Be a Lifeline for Endangered Species

Experts in conservation and finance say the reaction shows wildlife conservation finance, for decades largely the preserve of wealthy donors and governments, has massive potential to attract institutional investors, helped by growing public awareness of the delicate state of the planet.

Three Ways Agricultural Lenders Can Help Farmers Reap Millions in Savings From Conservation

Many farmers are adapting and innovating – implementing conservation practices that build soil health and resilience, such as nutrient optimization, cover crops and no-till. Still, there is a growing need for farmers to understand the full financial benefits of these practices and prove their value to ag lenders and other financial partners.

Investing in Nature: No Tragedy of the Horizon

A new report released this week at the Environmental Finance Natural Capital Investing conference in London opens up a new horizon for investors – the world of buying in to nature.

Can Innovative Finance Help Save the World’s Wildlife?

Oliver Withers, ZSL’s head of conservation finance and Aunnie Patton Power, expert in innovative investing and impact finance talk to John Aglionby about the changing landscape of conservation financing.

How the Capital Markets Can Conserve America's Forests

As gridlock persists in addressing our nation’s critical infrastructure challenges – America’s roads, bridges and railways – a similar, yet vastly underreported set of challenges exist with our natural infrastructure: namely, the loss of our large privately-owned working forests.