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Restore the Earth’s EcoMetrics(TM) Model: Unlocking the Business Case for Environmental Restoration

To enable funds to flow into landscape scale restoration projects, the impact must be proven and the value of ecosystem restoration must be measured in financial terms, making a solid business case for cleaner air, cleaner water, and environmental resiliency. In this webinar, Taylor Marshall will present the Restore the Earth Foundation's EcoMetrics(TM) Model, which uses in-depth analytics to measure the full value for each environmental, social, and economics outcome produced by ecosystem restoration, and reports on those outcomes in monetary terms to partners and funders. This model has unlocked the business case for restoration, allowing corporations to amplify funding for large scale restoration projects - enhancing the impact and scale of restoration, while better communicating the inter-connectedness of environmental health and socio-economic well-being.

The free online event will last 45 minutes and is open to the public. Email invitations for following Nature's Returns webinars will be sent as the dates approach. Visit the CBEY website for up-to-date information regarding these and other events.