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Delta Lifts Off With $1 Billion Pledge to Become Carbon Neutral

The investment will focus on driving innovation, advancing clean air travel technologies, accelerating reductions in waste and emissions, and establishing new offsetting and natural carbon sequestration projects, the company said.
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Natural Climate Solutions Accelerator Grant Program

This grant funding program focuses on helping kick-start innovative and scalable approaches for reducing emissions and storing more carbon on natural and working lands in the United States.

Carbon Taxes Are Key to Stop Deforestation

Economists and scientists agree that carbon taxes help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by creating an incentive for people to use less fossil fuels. But that’s not all they can do.
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Soil Enrichment Project Protocol

The Climate Action Reserve is developing a Soil Enrichment Project Protocol that will provide guidance on how to quantify, monitor, report and verify agricultural practices that enhance carbon storage in soils. The primary greenhouse gas (GHG) benefit targeted will be the accrual of additional carbon in agricultural soils, with hopes to incentivize GHG emission reductions from other sources, such as N2O from fertilizer use.

What We Could Do With a $5 Carbon Charge on Your Flight

Some of the money raised from aviation offsetting could be plowed into renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. But finance could also be used to protect a lot of ecosystem carbon.