Max Wasser

Max Wasser
Yale School of the Environment, Master of Environmental Management, 2023

Max is an MEM candidate at YSE, graduating in 2023. He comes from Laramie, Wyoming and worked as a wildlife biologist before attending Yale. He worked as a bear management ranger in Denali National Park and an arctic climate researcher in the Alaskan Brooks Range.

His focus at YSE has pivoted from wildlife and conservation into climate finance. This led Max to co-found of the YSE Carbon Student Interest Group. This past summer, he worked as a consultant for Modern Electron, an industrial heat decarbonization startup based in Seattle. At this role, Max worked on carbon and financial modeling to design carbon removal credits for a manure biogas project.

In his spare time, Max enjoys backcountry skiing, surfing, biking, and playing with his dog, Laramie.

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