Sam Feibel

Sam Feibel, MEM '23

Sam is a first-year student in the Masters of Environmental Management program at the Yale School of the Environment. With a background in Geology, he has investigated the legacy of historic mill dams in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, served in the Peace Corps in Madagascar, and developed a passion for visual storytelling along the way. He is interested in land use history, wetlands, and ecological restoration. Sam is a photographer, and believes that effective, visually engaging science communication is critical to achieve meaningful change.

Authored Articles
Getting closer than the pebbles in this stream

Remote technology can carry data faster and finer than humans in the field reliably can. (Photo by ihamr via Flickr Creative Commons.) 

Detecting Change in Conservation: The Value of Remote Sensing

The value in land increases when you conserve it- but conserved land grows and moves in many ways. Large and small land-stewardship organizations are investing in remote technology for clearer, more investable pictures of what they're conserving. And investors are learning a new language.