Shitiz Chaudhary

Shitiz Chaudhary
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Master of Environmental Management, 2021

I am a pursuing Masters in Environmental Management with a focus on Business and Environment. My interests lie in Impact Investing, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Finance and Mountain Ecosystems.

Before F&ES, I worked in consulting and international development on issues like sustainable agriculture, rural livelihoods, behaviour change communication, and tourism. I grew up in India and have studied Mechanical engineering as an undergraduate. I am an outdoor enthusiast and love hiking, trekking, and soccer.

Authored Articles
A herd of sheep shows the danger in overfarming- and the impossibility of reducing nature to a single type

Risks and opportunities in natural ecosystems will prove a lot harder to count. 

Striving to Lift Investors' Bids on Nature, A Task Force Follows a Carbon-Tested Path

The understanding has spread that companies face risks and opportunities in nature, just as they do in competitive markets or under certain regulations. In that context, a new group called the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) aims to broaden and deepen investors' interest in details from companies about...
A kook at trees that green bonds can support

Forests like this can grow in steadier fashion when ratings for green bonds become steadier as well. (Photo by David Gierth, accessed via Pexels.) 

Look for the Green Bond Label? The State of Green Bond Certification

Given the short history and dynamic state of the green bond market, wide variation exists in external review processes — based on regions, frameworks and evaluation parameters. Green bonds can fund energy, transportation, buildings or natural capital such as conservation. Work so far on certification shows how investors can keep...