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Soil Enrichment Project Protocol

The Climate Action Reserve is developing a Soil Enrichment Project Protocol that will provide guidance on how to quantify, monitor, report and verify agricultural practices that enhance carbon storage in soils. The primary greenhouse gas (GHG) benefit targeted will be the accrual of additional carbon in agricultural soils, with hopes to incentivize GHG emission reductions from other sources, such as N2O from fertilizer use.

What We Could Do With a $5 Carbon Charge on Your Flight

Some of the money raised from aviation offsetting could be plowed into renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. But finance could also be used to protect a lot of ecosystem carbon.

Why We Can Believe Microsoft and BlackRock on Climate Pledges

"Microsoft says it will suck more greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere than it’s ever emitted, and environmental bad boy BlackRock says it’s flipping from amoral greed to green greed. There are reasons to believe them both."
Mangroves in Florida

Mangroves on Florida's Manatee River / Rick Schwartz / CC BY-NC 2.0

Mainstreaming Blue Carbon to Finance Coastal Resilience

Blue carbon could be crucial in facilitating both private and public capital investment in coastal and marine ecosystems. The blue carbon market is, at present, still nascent. Governments and international institutions are revising methods of monitoring carbon to include blue carbon and develop structures to encourage private investment in blue carbon offsets.

Q&A: The Inside Track on BHP & Conservation International’s Unlikely Partnership

With support from Conservation International, BHP also integrated forest carbon into its broader climate change strategy, through support for REDD+, the United Nations program for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. This included development of the Forests Bond, a first-of-its-kind bond issued by the IFC.
Forest in Royalston, MA

Royalston, MA / Tyler Frost / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Conservation’s Role in Philanthropic Giving Is Changing

Several recent reports, as well as observations from experts in the field, demonstrate a changing landscape of philanthropic conservation giving. Now, foundations more often incorporate broader social and environmental issues into conservation work. They also frequently approach conservation through the lens of climate change.