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Private Investors Protect Vast Forests in US Coal Country

The Nature Conservancy will manage the land, known as the Cumberland Forest Project, for a decade, and will provide investors financial returns from three sources: revenue from certified sustainable timber sales, carbon offset credits and the eventual sale of the land, at the end of the period, with long-term or permanent management restrictions in place.
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After Green Group Buys Forest, Logging Remains

Only part of the land will be logged. The Forest Stewardship Council, a nonprofit group, will make sure the logging operations meet environmental and safety measures. And cutting down trees is only one way the forest can make money. Thanks to California's climate change rules, forest owners can profit from their trees' carbon-absorbing powers.

One Planet SWF Working Group Publish Framework on Climate Change

The objective of the Framework is to promote the integration of climate change analysis in the management of large, long-term and diversified asset pools. Building on current industry best practice, the Framework aims to foster a shared understanding among long-term asset owners with regard to key principles, as well as methodologies, and indicators related to climate issues.
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Indigo Offers Incentive for Farmers to Capture Carbon

In just one week, farmers have pledged more than 700,000 acres to Indigo Ag’s new carbon sequestration initiative. The program, which launched on June 12, will pay farmers to use regenerative farming practices and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

South Africa’s First Carbon Farm

Land restoration could attract large private investments in the fight against climate change over the coming decades, if governments and the United Nations put the right incentives and conditions in place.

Americans Deserve Better Coverage of Carbon Finance

"For decades media and policy discourse often failed to grasp, let alone explain to mass audiences, the enormity of the climate problem. Let’s not make the same mistake on solutions."

Sec. Perdue is Open to Carbon Markets for Farmers, Pingree Says

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue expressed support for carbon markets for farmers during a meeting, Rep. Chellie Pingree said on Monday. An upcoming agriculture appropriations bill will likely include language that urges USDA to research the possibility of such markets, added the Maine Democrat.