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USFS Cooperative Forestry Partnership

Last updated 4/14/23 

 A Conservation Finance Technical Assistance Partnership with U.S. Forest Service Cooperative Forestry Programs  

Our nation’s forests face challenges that put at risk the social, ecological, and economic benefits these landscapes provide. The impacts of catastrophic wildfire, drought, flooding, insect and disease disturbance, and inequitable outdoor access have come into sharp relief, aggravated by rising temperatures and growing development pressures. The scale of need far outpaces the capacity of annual budget cycles to fund work. 

The Conservation Finance Network is excited to announce our new partnership with the U.S. Forest Service Cooperative Forestry for the benefit of landowner assistance and conservation programs, including Forest Legacy, Community & Open Space, Recreation Economy for Rural Economies (RERC), and Forest Stewardship.  

We hope through this partnership to increase knowledge, creativity, and capacity among target audiences in building layered and blended capital stacks for project structures and transaction models.  

Project Coaching  

If your project falls under any of the categories listed above, CFN is here to increase confidence, technical insight, and project development support through coaching and technical assistance services. We can provide short, consultative coaching opportunities to be offered broadly, along with selective technical assistance for projects that need deeper involvement and assistance needs.  

Competitive Project Selection 

If you are interested in catalytic coaching through our partnership with the US Forest Service Cooperative Forestry team, please contact for more information.  

USFS Forest Legacy Program  

Watch this USFS Cooperative Forestry team discuss the Forest Legacy Program in greater detail and answer questions related to project proposals, project readiness, and requirements to apply for this program.  

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