Andy Xie

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Yale College, 2021

Andy Xie is a Junior at Yale University studying Economics and Political Science, with a concentration in Environmental Policy. At CBEY, Andy writes for the Clean Energy Finance Forum and is a Research Assistant at the Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance; in these capacities, his roles and interests lie mostly in the realm of impact investing, corporate social responsibility, philanthropic wealth management, and ESG. On campus, Andy serves as the Vice President of Net Impact (a social sector management consulting group), the Vice President of Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments, and a Head of College Aide in Berkeley College. Andy is also the proud owner of a 4-year old Golden Retriever.

Authored Articles
How do you sum the value of everything in, from, and under these trees?

(Courtesy City Forest Credits.) Beyond soothing imagery, urban trees measurably lift air quality, energy affordability and employment. City Forest Credits aims to quantify what that's worth. 

A Startup Seeks to Raise Urban Equity

City Forest Credits matches nonprofits and cities to fundi urban trees. It describes its mission as one to make “American cities greener, healthier, and more equitable.” By computing value of rainfall interception, air quality benefits and energy savings, the outfit aims to define premium price for nonprofit organizations to charge...