Katie Sierks

Kathryn Sierks
Product Manager, Granular
Yale School of Management, MBA, 2020 Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Master of Environmental Management, 2020

Katie works as a Product Manager at Granular. She contributes to the Carbon and Ecosystem Services Portfolio by building a product that streamlines access to carbon credits and creates flexible solutions to help farmers increase profitability while adopting practices that sequester carbon.

Katie has experience working across the agricultural supply chain at Cargill and Walmart in engineering, corporate sustainability, and supply chain management. She graduated with honors from Harvard College with a degree in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Earth and Planetary Sciences. She enjoys hiking, cross country skiing, and attempting to train her new puppy.

Authored Articles
Regenerative agriculture begins here

How deeply can regenerative farming affect the way societies value farming- and farmers build value? (Photo courtesy of Lukas via Pexels.) 

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This article, by The Regenerative Agriculture Initiative (RAI) team at the Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY), is the first in a series on key opportunities to accelerate regenerative agriculture in the United States. At today’s rate of soil degradation, some scientists predict the world’s topsoil could be...