Marisa Repka

Marisa Repka
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Master of Environmental Management, 2020

Marisa is a first-year Master of Environmental Management candidate with an interest in building sustainable food systems. Prior to coming to Yale, she worked as Production Coordinator for the Good Food Foundation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit focused on growing the businesses of sustainable food producers. She has also spent time working at the Tenuta di Spannocchia, an organic farm in Siena, Italy.

At Yale, Marisa’s areas of specialization are Business & the Environment and Industrial Ecology. She hopes to work with companies to help develop more sustainable methods for growing, packaging, and transporting the food that feeds our urban centers. 

Authored Articles
Soy farm in Brazil

Soy farm in Brazil / Michael Swan / CC BY-ND 2.0

How Guaranteed Offtake Can Drive Sustainable Agriculture

As food companies look to lower supply chain risk and reduce their ecological footprint, new strategies are emerging to increase adoption of sustainability practices among farmers. Several companies have begun using long-term contracts — purchase agreements guaranteeing offtake beyond an annual time horizon — to stabilize costs and allow both...

Food-Industry Water Risk Is a Growing Concern

Water – the lifeblood of the $5-trillion food industry – is slowly gaining notice among companies and investors in this sector. Food and agriculture use the single largest share of the world’s freshwater resources, making water-associated risk a critical concern for production and profitability. A key 2017 report by Ceres...