Spencer Meyer

Senior Conservationist at Highstead Foundation NatureNet Fellow at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and The Nature Conservancy

Spencer Meyer is a conservation scientist, forester and people person, whose research explores how innovative conservation finance and economic incentives can be used to advance conservation strategies that protect nature and the ecosystem services on which humans depend. Other research interests include forest management, land use planning, landscape ecology, and stakeholder engagement. Meyer enjoys working in diverse partnerships, including industry, conservation NGOs, public agencies, landowners, and foundations. He earned Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from University of Maine and an A.B. from Dartmouth College.

Authored Articles

Invest in Wildlands and Woodlands: An Op-ed by Spencer Meyer

Have you seen the brilliant crimson and amber of fall foliage in New England? Every year our trees make tourists and natives alike stop and stare in amazement as our region’s forests put on a final show in preparation for winter. But our vibrant forests are at risk. New Englanders are losing 65 acres of forest per day, or 24,000 acres per year, to dispersed and fragmented residential and commercial development. If this trend continues, the region will lose another 1.2 million acres — an area nearly twice the size of Rhode Island — over the next 50 years. And...

Impact Investors Find Value in Smallholder Agriculture

How do investment funds build social and environmental priorities into agricultural financing? Several investment funds showcased their strategies for investing in smallholder value chains at the Global Landscapes Forum in Paris on Dec. 5-6. While continuing to seek financial returns, investors are supporting and measuring a broader set of environmental, social, and commodity-based outcomes tied to supply chain sustainability.