Conservation Finance Learning Lab 2022-23

Enjoy summaries of the evolving webinar series on the conservation-finance fundamentals. 

Colorado forest

Conservation Finance Learning Lab Recap, Part One: What's a Carbon Market?

In this session, panelists from a variety of organizations described their engagement in carbon markets. Spencer Meyer, Head of Science at the carbon-exchange company NCX, moderated a Zoom panel of professionals from not-for-profits, for-profits, carbon project developers, carbon project sellers, and more. Steph Harris, Director of Carbon Markets at carbon...

Conservation Finance Learning Lab Recap, Part Two: Harvesting a Bumper Crop of Federal Funding

The available level of funding does not have recent precedent,” said Leigh Whelpton, Executive Director of the Network. This windfall of potential funding is certainly beneficial to practitioners, who often rely on initial government support to attract private investors.